Road Trip: New Mexico

After exploring the Petrified Forest in Arizona we crossed the border into New Mexico! Talk about beautiful landscape. Once we were in the Native American territories I was completely in awe. What a beautiful place!

We had originally planned to turn around after this stop which you will hear more about later. We planned our trip so that we would be in Albuquerque for Dan's birthday.

We were excited because we were going to stay with a very close family friend, Dan. Since we first found ourselves in Arizona, he insisted that we needed to come to New Mexico to visit him.


Road Trip: Arizona

We left a few days before Dan's birthday and headed out to New Mexico. Instead of traveling on the highway, we decided to pass through Tonto National Park, check out the Petrified Forest, and then get to Albuquerque in the evening.

Of course right as we left there was the typical desert scenery that you get used to spending time in Phoenix. Personally, I love desert plant life (from a distance) so I enjoyed the view as soon as we left populated areas.

Pretty soon after leaving town, the elevation started to slowly climb and the plant life started to change. More and more trees, less cacti. At one point, on the left side of the road it was forest like and on the right side it was desert like.



Hi all!

I have been BUSY! Oh me oh my. Dan and I just got back from a longer than expected road trip this week. Originally the plan was to go to Albuquerque to visit a close family friend, Dan (who actually married us!) and then head up to Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon.

Dan and I decided that after we spent some time in New Mexico, we should go to Austin, Texas. A handful of years ago, Dan went to Austin for a work conference and loved it. He's been talking about taking me there ever since and I figured, hey! We'll be so close, why not just drive there? From there the plan was to go to Dallas, Oklahoma City, and then over to Four Corners, Bryce Canyon, then to the Grand Canyon and back.

But, that's not what happened.


Thunderbirds ~ Luke Air Force Base Air Show ~

Before it got too hot, Luke Air Force Base put on an air show with a bunch of old planes on the ground and in the air. While being dazzled by tricks, flips, and smoke, Dan and I enjoyed a couple of beers while getting some sun.

Here are some fun photos from our adventure.

Find me on Etsy - "Turquoise Sky"

These guys stayed in close formation practically the entire time. It was amazing and at times scary to see.


Portlandia! The land named after Portland ...Maine.

Find me on Etsy - "St. Helen"
The husband and I took a trip up to the land of PDX. A wondrous place, filled with vegan food, beer, football love, and trees.

Sounds like heaven, right? Right.

Our adventure began with a long, yet absolutely beautiful drive up to Portland from home in the east bay. With some awesome clouds and good conversation, we enjoyed our journey north. One that we hadn't taken in almost ten years.

It turned out that our hotel was across the street from a brewery. Cha-ching, one point to Portland.

We had dinner with local family and got some great tips on what to do for our adventure day.


Life in the Desert - South Mountains, Arizona

Our second Arizona hike was in the South Mountains, a long range south of the Phoenix airport. What turned out to be a four hour hike, we saw beautiful views of Phoenix, a wide array of flora and fauna. I figure this is a great opportunity to have the photos speak for themselves. Oh, and if you don't want to read my commentary, feel free to click on the first image and scroll through them in all their glory. 


Phoenix 360º

Dan and I decided to enjoy the cool Arizona spring weather and take a trek up the Echo Park Canyon to the peak of Camelback mountain. I first noticed the peak when we went to a spring training game, which in its own right was a blast.

So, I saw this beautiful peak sticking out the middle of flat Scottsdale and did some research. Turns out it is possible to hike it. Oh what fun. With perfect weather we made our way there. It had been quite a while since we had hiked or enjoyed much outdoor activity at all because of the move and trying to get life organized, plus Denver.


Boulder - Bolder than Denver?

"Snow Fallen Rockies" - Find me on Esty!
It felt like Christmas morning because when we woke up it was snowing! So, so excited to see snow, but the drive up to Boulder from Denver was dreadful and slow. It was very scary at first seeing how we were in a tiny Chevy Spark that wasn't the type of car that has four wheel drive and is not made for snow driving. Luckily, we were not the only timid drivers on the road and therefore didn't feel rushed. Dan did a great job driving and for once his slow driving was a blessing.